mardi 12 mai 2015

Urban Warfare and Lessons Learned for Cyber Operations

La cyber defense review, dont ce blog vous a déjà parlé, anime un forum sur les aspects opérationnels du combat numérique. Dans la continuité de nos réflexions sur la cybertactique, un billet a été retenu et publié. 

Urban Warfare and Lessons Learned for Cyber Operations: Developing a New Tactical Approach

What is it like to fight in cyberspace? Almost every paper regarding cyberwarfare depicts a battlefield, wild and open, where “cyberwarriors” move like a hunting pack; smart, sharp and agile. Reality is obviously far from that. Thus, the digital battle is usually compared to what happens in real life and the strategic approach of cyberspace stresses the parallel with the open spaces and naval theories. It may seem relevant up to a certain point, but at the tactical level, we surely have to change our mind, and start to think “outside the box”.
Leaving aside the maritime and romantic vision of cyberspace and the so-called “pirates”, this paper highlights the links between cyberwarfare and urban warfare. From an army perspective, it might be interesting to understand how modern land forces have shaped their structures and developed new tactics and new skills to face global challenges. Over the last 40 years, armies have had to quickly adapt themselves to the new tactical environment: from the first Gulf war to Afghanistan and Mali, most of our (French) military commitments were counterinsurgency-like and urban warfare (and sometimes both). 

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